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Forgotten cartoon: mind-controlled zombies & super-suits

For some unknown reason, a nearly-forgotten animated series has been pestering my consciousness for days now, and both my memory and Google-fu have failed me. I am driven to remember the name, and so I turn to my fellow geeks for aid.

Time period: 80s-90s. The setting: a dystopian future of mind-controlled zombies (probably a very-thinly-veiled anti-Soviet propaganda piece). Our heroes, dressed in red-white-and-blue (?) super-HAZMAT suits, included an African-American and a German, one of whom had a child behind the zombie veil. (The German, I believe.) The opressors, dressed in red-and-black similar super suits, plotted to spring their domes across the planet. Freedom vs. tyranny, blah blah blah.

WHAT THE FRELL IS THE NAME OF THIS FRIGGIN' CARTOON?!? Links and/or Youtube samples are appreciated; help me put this mind-zombie to rest again. :-)
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