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Date:2011-11-09 09:03
Subject:Hi geeks

I keep buying headphones that crap out on me. This time around, it was actually that my cat chewed through the wire, so I'm fed up. Could you please recommend a good wireless headphone for music and gaming, please? And hopefully somewhere under $50, that has a way to recharge without buying batteries every week. Thanks.

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Date:2011-06-21 13:31
Subject:An article...

 I thought you ladies might like this. 
5 Reasons to Date a Geek

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Date:2011-03-08 19:31

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Date:2010-11-11 03:54
Subject:Robonica Roboni - I Programmable Gaming Robot

Robonica Roboni - I Programmable Gaming Robot- $59.99

Meet Roboni-i, a highly-intelligent robot that fuses interactive, remote-controlled gameplay with advanced robotic technology. Operated wirelessly using a handheld controller and featuring four processors and 16 sensors, Roboni-i can sense and respond to his environment, explore the room on its own, and even engage in games with other Roboni-i units. A great toy for young robotics enthusiasts, Roboni-i can also be linked to your computer, allowing to reprogram his behavior and upload customized games.

List Price:$249.99
Today's Discount:- $190.00
Gold Box Price:$59.99 (76% off)

I want one!!!!

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Date:2010-09-18 07:23


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Date:2010-09-06 10:46
Subject:Love Mount & Blade?

If any of you like Mount & Blade, you might be interested in a first-person, in-character, no meta-info diary I'm keeping about my latest Warband character's exploits.

The original Mount & Blade, along with all its expansions, eventually dwindle down into sandbox mode, and there was seemingly little difference between male and female characters. But it seems that Warband is different. It has some interesting dynamics, even in native. It's set in the thirteenth century, so if you chose to be female you get a bunch more gyp from male nobles, and it's more difficult to become a vassal. It's harder to find a guy willing to marry you, regardless (it seems) of your motives for marriage. I'm not complaining at all, of course. It's more realistic, and it's a nuance that's making the game more interesting.

Anyway, the journal is on Dreamwidth. If you have an account there, it's called [personal profile] laure. You can also follow it here on LJ through the syndicated feed warband_diary.

I've written well ahead, so there should be consistently updated content, and the story is interesting, I think, if you're into such things. My husband and I are working on the project together (isn't geeklove awesome?), one of us plays while the other writes the journal, but the character is female and we've committed ourselves to the ambitious goal of winning the game. Wish us luck!

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Date:2010-07-07 13:31
Subject:За кого ты выйдешь замуж?

За кого ты выйдешь замуж?

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Date:2009-12-17 10:21

I thought I'd share my new dice with you guys. I think they are epic. :) Steam Punk Dice:

photograph by me

Anyone here have a dice set they just LOVE? I wanna see!

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Date:2009-11-21 21:41

New here to the comm. Felt I oughta introduce myself, sort of.

Name: The Ren Geek
Location: Chicago, IL
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Highlander, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Marvel/DC, Harry Potter, Disney, Arthurian legend, Firefly, Warcraft
Toys: More than you. My house is crawling with Transformers mostly, but I have all sorts of other Doctor Who stuff and some vintage toys and... and... stuff.
Geek type: I am a Renaissance geek. I'm a movie geek, a wiki geek, a sci-fi geek, a mythology geek, a history geek, a toy geek, a costume geek, a Shakespeare geek, a comic geek, a Trek geek, a cartoons geek, a library geek, a museum geek, a Broadway musical geek, a dinosaur geek, a...
Hobbies: All sorts of amazingly boring stuff. ;) I love reading and adore watching movies of all eras. I like writing macros, mostly for Doctor Who. I'm excessively addicted to wikis. I love going to museums and Renaissance Faires. I also love costuming and have a Fourth and a Fifth Doctor costume, as well as Gregoire Fronsac from Brotherhood of the Wolf, d'Artagnan from the 3 Musketeers and I'm dabbling with a Rorschach costume from Watchmen. I also play far too much World of Warcraft.
Additional: Is there anything I haven't covered? I mean, really?

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Date:2009-07-16 11:15
Subject:so... speaking of freebies lists...

I've never had a freebies list. I've never wanted one. I generally have never wanted to have sex with a celebrity or a fictional character. I would have to say that the only one that comes even close would be Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. I used to have a serious, serious crush on Tezuka from Prince of Tennis. Why yes, it is an animated character. I just like those stoic and quiet types.

So.. who's on yours?

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Date:2009-07-14 13:12
Subject:How to Meet and Woo a Geeky Girl

This was posted at The Park Bench

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of folks coming to The Park Bench after Googling “how do I meet a nerdy girl?” Hopefully, this is not the manifestation of some creepy new human trafficking trend but instead is the result of more people wanting to find and date the nerdy woman of their dreams. With that in mind, I offer the following tips:

Tip #1: Know where to look.

The number one thing to know about nerdy girls -- they're probably not going to be doing body shots at the local sports bar on a Friday night. If they're out partying, it's over a micro-brewed pale ale in the quiet corner of their local hole-in-the-wall watering hole. Other good places to spot nerdy women: libraries, bookstores, used bookstores, any other place with books you can think of, comic book stores, knitting stores, craft stores, sitting in the park...reading a book, the local cat fanciers convention, at a midnight showing of "Alien" or in their living rooms, watching "Firefly" again.

follow the link to the rest

I have to agree on some of the points, like #1, but disagree with many of the others, like I don't even have a freebies list. Of course, I think geeks come in all flavors and I'm not so obsessed with Dr. Who that David Tennant doesn't really do that much for me. Plus, I think Christopher Eccleston was hotter.

So... please discuss

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Date:2009-06-23 10:46
Subject:the lack of posting in this community makes me sad

It's so quiet here, and it makes me sad.
I have no new pictures to post (though I'm sure that will change in two weeks after the sci/fi convention) and no new geek crushes to share (just sticking with Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds - yes I know he's fictional, but the character is still delicious - he has a phd in math like my husband)

So.. this is my plea for people to share your love of all things geeky and geeky boys or girls. It's it's sexy and geeky you get a cookie (figuratively).

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Date:2009-05-17 23:36
Subject:Odometer Milestones

I think most people are a little tickled by odometer readings with a lot of zeroes (20,000), repetition (55,555; 104,104), sequences (123,456), or palindromes (13,531)--but only dorks notice ones like 112,358, 124,816, 127,001, and 128,800. :)

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Date:2009-03-21 02:40
Subject:SO SAY WE ALL!
Mood: impressed

Damn Edward "Admiral Adama" James Olmos is a wise man!

His character rocks, but damn, in terms of character awesomeness to real person awesomeness ratio, Shatner has nothing on Olmos!

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Date:2009-02-12 12:05
Subject:Now isn't that a geek- love gift for V-Day?

i get to have a UFO for my DESK!

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Date:2009-02-12 14:45
Subject:stole this from a friend

Seriously, this is nice. I'm not such a big Trekkie, but I'm a huge fan of corsets and I want this. It's on some girl's Etsy.com page. It's based off a Star Trek uniform.

Here's the link to the site for the girl who is selling it. I think she made it.


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Date:2009-02-11 12:10
Subject:Dating and Video Games?


The link above leads to an article on The Escapist about including video games in dating.  Since we're all geeks here, I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are of the prospect.  Are we for it?  Against it?  Don't think it would ever work out?  Personally, I'd love to see it made possible someday.

- x-posted, blah blah, rah rah

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Date:2008-12-30 10:20
Subject:Forgotten cartoon: mind-controlled zombies & super-suits
Mood: nostalgic

For some unknown reason, a nearly-forgotten animated series has been pestering my consciousness for days now, and both my memory and Google-fu have failed me. I am driven to remember the name, and so I turn to my fellow geeks for aid.

Time period: 80s-90s. The setting: a dystopian future of mind-controlled zombies (probably a very-thinly-veiled anti-Soviet propaganda piece). Our heroes, dressed in red-white-and-blue (?) super-HAZMAT suits, included an African-American and a German, one of whom had a child behind the zombie veil. (The German, I believe.) The opressors, dressed in red-and-black similar super suits, plotted to spring their domes across the planet. Freedom vs. tyranny, blah blah blah.

WHAT THE FRELL IS THE NAME OF THIS FRIGGIN' CARTOON?!? Links and/or Youtube samples are appreciated; help me put this mind-zombie to rest again. :-)

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Date:2008-12-29 18:14
Subject:Hey you, facebook crew
Mood: klaateanu

I made this facebook group for all the new "fans" of the newest Keanu epic, Day the Earth Stood Still.

It made me cry.


If this isn't okay, just delete it.

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Date:2008-12-28 23:46
Subject:PHP/MySQL guide

Hey, I'm a programmer/designer looking to go into development.

I've worked with PHP in the past, but never had an in-depth understanding of it.

I already have this book, but was looking at getting this book to refresh myself. A beginner will also be working with me, learning together, thus I want a bit of a beginner guide that is for a person who's a roughly intermediate programmer already - not necessarily a guide for someone who's just begun.


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